Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the season

We all have that family member who is just a bit off and it always seems to be the most noticeable around the holidays.

I received a package today from my dad's sister Mick. Upon opening this Christmas/birthday gift (she did not include a card) I discovered that I was given a collection of objects from around her house. I curiously opened each newspaper-wrapped item and laid them all out on my table: a pink vinyl coin purse, a ball point pen, a calculator, and a sculpture made out of sea shells. I had a flashback to the scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where Aunt Bethany wraps up her cat and gives it away as a Christmas gift.

Given that I have yet to buy a single Christmas gift, I'm torn-- do I stoop so low as to regift or should I take the high road and wrap up one of my cats?

Anyone want a sea shell sculpture?


Aaron said...

That's weird. The holidays are weird.

Ang said...

Is the pen nice looking or one of those Bics that come 25 to a pack? That'd be pretty funny.

Tim said...

If you aren't sure who the person in your family who is "a little off" is, does that mean it's you who is the one who is a little off?

Hedy De Vine said...

I'll take Dora!

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

I'm giving everyone in my family chapstick.