Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day mini-post

Six years ago, I called my parents and told them that my brother had eloped with his psychotic girlfriend of the time. My parents have always been good about keeping their noses out of their kids' business, but I knew that my mom was desperately hoping that the five-year-long roller coaster of a relationship would end.

When my mom started bawling into the phone I sheepishly murmured "....April Fooooooool's....." and decided to retire the tradition.


Nayana Anthony said...

I also once pulled a horrible April Fool's prank, which turned out to be SO not funny. Have you heard the Amy Jones story?

Carl Spackler said...

hi leslie!

welcome to the blogosphere.

Max Sparber said...

I used to regularly call my mother and pretend to be a police officer, and tell her I was calling her about my brother Josh. She would panic every time, and after a while I got to feel guitly.

Lyralei said...

I guess the story ends happily then? Your brother came to his senses, dumped the psychotic girlfriend, and married some nice girl from a good family?