Sunday, August 5, 2007

Officially pooped

First week at the job: exhausting. This is the first job where I'm actually important and have a shit-ton of work to do constantly. My previous jobs have been administrative peon-type roles.

I had the company picnic today. They had a caricature artist there. My caricature makes me look like the spawn of Candace Bergen and Velma from Scooby Doo.

Wish me luck for week two. I'm crashing early tonight.


Bo said...

Um, yeah. We're gonna need a scan of that caricature, stat.

Jen said...

That's why I don't let people draw caricatures of me. I do NOT want to see how big my nose is. I already know.

Abysmal Chick said...

I can't let people do caricatures of me anymore either. They always hurt my feelings.

Hedy De Vine said...

i miss you hunny. how are the plants?

lesley said...

Bo, unfortunately I don't own a scanner...or a printer for that matter. As soon as I MacGyver a way to get that caricature on a computer I'll post it.

Jen and AC, luckily this one looks nothing like me so I can't really take offense.

Hedy, I miss you too. Your plants are just fine.

Elizabeth said...

As long as Velma is contributing all the dominant genes, I will believe it.