Friday, October 12, 2007

Brace yourself

I saw the most amazing thing driving home from work just now---- an albino squirrel!! At first I thought it was a weird looking cat, but then I realized that it was indeed a squirrel. It wasn't just light grey, it was freaking snow white!

My life feels just a little bit more complete now.


Ang said...

I love albino squirrels almost as much as completely black ones. So cool.

Jen said...

I always wonder what their fur feels like. If it's as soft as it looks. But squirrels are so damn mean there's no way to pet one without shooting it first.

lesley said...

Yeah, I always wanted to touch a squirrel but I'm pretty sure the health risk involved in doing that is not worth it.

Jesus said...

the part about you thinking it was a weird cat was hilarious.

since i am a CSCL major you need the context: i am about to go to bed all tired and depressed after a horrible day of life and then you go messing it all up with an amazing story.

only you bestows such wonders of ray on my gloomy day like a spot light on a meager whore with a crack pipe in the bushes. ahhh... you.

glad to see your doing your blogs again.