Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New license, new plates, and a sucker stuck to my ass

It's official. I am a Minnesota resident. I made a trip to the DMV today to take the driver's test and get my Minnesota plates. I was actually surprised at how much nicer the DMV at Chicago and Lake is than the DMV that I went to in Illinois. Well done, Minnesota. The DMV I went to in Illinois was truly hellish. It was in a seedy strip mall and it smelled like cheap plastic chairs and body odor.

Unlike in Illinois, the DMV attendant let me approve my picture before she submitted it although I wasn't picky. I've been told that my Illinois license photo makes me look like an asian man with a black eye. Anything is an improvement over that.
I accepted the first one she took.

I stopped at a mechanic on the way home from my adventure at the DMV to get a long-overdue oil change and get my new plates put on the car. The mechanic put his hand on my shoulder as he was giving me the keys back and politely told me, "Umm....you have a sucker stuck to your ass". We all had a good laugh and they comped me a few bucks off the bill. I love Minneapolis.

Looks like I'm sticking it out here for the long haul.


Loops O'Fury said...

They let you approve the picture?! That's awesome. I look like a troll on my old one.

I've made like 3 trips to the Chicago & LAke DMV and I still don't have a license.
First I ADDed out and failed the test by about 5 points (I blame road construction for making me get lost on the way there). Then I passed the test but left my passport at home. The third time I brought all the right ID but it wasn't enough because my middle initial on my Ohio license is different from the middle initial on my passport.

Whatever, at least I have an excuse to go to the Global Market again for Cuban sandwiches.

Ang said...

I love that they comped you a few bucks off the bill.

Exactly what kind of sucker, and how big?

Hedy De Vine said...

That same sucker-to-the-bum problem happened to one of my friends. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some little troll running around sucking on lollies and leaving them on chairs for poor unsuspecting people to sit on.

Jen said...

Better a sucker than a fucker...

Kevin from Minneapolis said...

I imagine some kind of little sucker fish with its mouth attached to your ass and its tail flopping back and forth. It has a very frightened look in its eye. Doesn't want to be sat on.