Sunday, March 18, 2007

I want to shove Jeremy’s egg beater butt plug into their eye socket

You may recall back to my fiasco involving a flat tire and a humidifier from hell. Apparently that was fiasco part I and today I’ve progressed to fiasco part II. I sent back the defective humidifier and was waiting for a new one to be sent back to me. It arrived while I was in Chicago and a friendly neighbor signed for it. When he gave it to me today, I discovered that they only sent me half of the humidifier! What the hell am I going to do with the humidifier stand without the humidifier?! I just got back from a walk/run around the lakes to vent and am now prepared to bring out my big guns to get this shit dealt with. Konichiwa bitches, it’s been over a month since I placed my order- give me a muthafuckin’ refund!


Hedy De Vine said...

This egg beater might work better for your purposes. You shove it into the eye socket and turn the crank to remove the eyeball. Plook!

(No comment on what might happen if inserted into Jeremy's rectum.)

Jeremy said...

Hedy, the answer to your last comment: pure pleasure.

Elizabeth said...